Our Story

My name is Karen Johnstone and I am the founder of Webscrbblr, a small web development studio based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  As a qualified web developer, I understand the code behind a website.  I also understand Web Accessiblity guidelines and quality assurance. Webscrbblr is made up of a small team of resident developers who are used to working remotely, with clients in Spain, New Zealand and here in Australia. 

We focus on web development, solving all types of problems with websites, and building web applications. We often jump in on existing websites and help businesses overcome an urgent problem. 

We understand the importance of quality and testing.  We specialise in testing for Quality Assurance, Web Accessibility and Usability testing which is a vital ingredient to the success of any web project. Your web project means a lot to me and my team, and your success is our number one goal. 

Our mission is to deliver clean, scalable and manageable websites that solve business problems, giving you the confidence, tools and control to be able to expand your online business. We are committed to growth and growing long term relationships with our clients no matter where they live.

We understand the code behind a website and we understand compliance. Being small in size means we can listen and respond to your needs. Your website will be fast, clean, scalable and manageable so it can grow as you grow. Businesses are time poor and so you need the backing of a modern web team who will get the job done right

Why choose us?

Our websites are built on well known, solid platforms that offer clean and user friendly designs. We are experts at using front-end code to change a theme so it looks just like you want it to look. For a premium, we also build complete custom sites that are guaranteed to be super fast!

As well as ensuring your site scales on all devices, we also ensure our communications are quick and easy, which is why we use Trello to communicate and manage your project. Your inbox won’t be flooded with your web project. We aim to respond quickly and keep you updated along the way. 

We provide options to allow our clients to control and manage the products we build which is why we are strong supporters of WordPress. 

We’re always here to provide one on one support, whether a quick job, or ongoing maintenance, just send us a message and we’ll jump on board. 

We are dedicated to growth and will listen to you so we can better understand and respond to your needs. It’s all about the end goal. 

We strive for self-improvement so you can count on having a knowledgeable team who keeps current. We don’t take on projects that we can’t handle. 

We’ve built sites and applications before so you can count on us to deliver solutions. Your project is treated like our own. 

Would you like to start a project with us?

You can contact us by email, through our web form, or by phone. Just in case we happen to be away from the phone, our preferred method is by email or web form.