User testing

Are your customers navigating your website with ease? How do you know?

Usability testing is a method used to evaluate HOW USABLE your website is. The test takes place with real users by giving them specific tasks to complete on your website. These tasks can be simple things like finding a certain product, adding a product to the cart, continue shopping, finding information, or even finding your contact form.  Such tasks may seem easy to you, but are they easy to find for your customer?

You’ll be surprised how much feedback you will get!  This is particularly useful for ecommerce sites, service sites, websites that showcase products, or sites with lots of information. Even basic information sites can be tested on how effective the user interface design is, or if you’re in the middle of a redesign, you can conduct version testing to help you make better business decisions before going live.

Website version testing

Obtaining real feedback is absolute gold and will enable your business to make improvements, find problems you didn’t know existed and even present opportunities you never thought of.

The goal is to collect qualitative and quantitative data to identify usability problems and determine the participant’s satisfaction with your website.

There are many advantages of usability testing including feedback direct from the target audience that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, issues can be resolved, and potential problems can be highlighted. The results will enable your business to solve problems that you never knew existed before, or even discover new opportunities.  Testing will help to enhance the user experience on your website so users are more able to reach their end goal in the quickest way possible.

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